Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Palette and Gloss

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Cosmetics Sailor Summer Collection was launched 31st of August of 2020. I then purchased the whole collection, but later was gifted 2 palettes and 2 glosses through sponsorships. This sailor theme was absolutely the cutest nautical vibe!  And, lucky for you; we have 2 sets ready to sail right to your vanity as we speak! 
In each set we have Kylie's high gloss  “Private Island” that looks like a cherry red color. It is very sheer with a hint of a very glossy red tint. Along with that gloss, you are getting the infamous sailor eyeshadow palette. There are 16 gorgeous shades to choose from and the palette also comes with a mirror, making it perfect for on the go.

Palette colors include:

Come Aboard (matte soft pink)
Captain Cutie (metallic icy pink with peach glitter)
Tidal Wave (matte warm beige)
Blue Ocean (matte rich navy)
Shipwreck (metallic rose gold with violet glitter)
Tight Ship (matte warm rose)
Go with the Float (metallic golden pastel blue)
Don't Be Salty (metallic butterscotch with gold glitter)
Slay Captain (matte pastel peach)
Deep Sea (metallic bright gold with golden glitter)
Got the Blues (metallic blue with violet shimmer)
Yacht Party (metallic cranberry glitter)
Wavy (matte mid-tone taupe)
Unsinkable (metallic champagne with hints of blue shimmer)
Total Catch (matte bright cherry)
On Board (matte deep sepia)

Get it while I have it to sell!

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