My Favorite Online Stores to Shop

Shop accessories with a purpose over at Shop Foemina. This is a black owned business that supports activism and communities for change like: Black Lives Matter, and support for all human rights.

This owner is a 26 year old that wishes to spread awareness more broadly and

help flow money into BIPOC funds and other charitable organizations more consistently, and help others make a difference as they shop with purpose!

She has earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so much more! If you'd like to shop for a greater purpose, stop by SHOPFOEMINA.COM.


Have you ever come across a store that became an instant fav? Well, that is exactly what happened to me when I found Monet Dior Couture! It is an

amazing place to up your fashion game at great prices. She has clothing, accessories, lashes and wigs honey! Her store is really a one stop shop from head to toe really.

Great service, great selection and my experience and always been fast shipping. Check them out @


My next favorite place to shop is none other than Fashion Nova. Like, who doesn't like FN??? Their selection and prices are bar none. We have an FN resale item available TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE or here.


Have you ever heard of Collectif Clothing? I love time period fashion; the 60's to be exact and Collectif Clothing has everything you'd need to build time period outfits. From pinup girl, rockabilly or school girl looks, that is the place to shop. We have a resale item available TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE or shop their site here.

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