Founded by a fashionista who loves anything about fashion and bargain-hunting, Katrina has created (for your online experience), a fashionable and chic way to shop new and used items while decluttering her magnificent closet.

Mine, Now Yours Boutique was built on the precepts of upcycling and being beneficial to the earth. Recycling is a beneficial way to help the planet. The fashion industry causes more pollution and waste than almost any other business. "Buy fast fashion, use twice, throw it out” appears to be the mindset of many and this has got to change!
As an avid vlogger, Katrina is always shopping the latest trend. Although this is what makes her company run; she still does not want to be a burden to the planet. By this, she is delighted to create a place to share her joys of shopping with others at an up to 80 to 90% discounted price on things you probably were going to buy anyway. Mine, Now Yours offers new and used items.
MNYB has clothing, plenty of makeup and jewelry to offer with new items added weekly! Thanks so much for stopping by and or shopping my store.
You are appreciated,
~ Katrina